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About us

Chongqing ChangFeng Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a leading supplier of high performance chemicals in China. 
As a major phosgene derivative production base in China, we share the largest capacity for phosgene production in China and offer a variety of products. 
Changfeng Chem is located in an area rich in natural gas. With state-of-the-art production equipment, our factory produces phosgene and derivatives such as Benzophenone, Tetrabutylurea and etc. Besides, Changfeng Chem can customize phosgene derivative products according to customers'demand. 
In addition, we are engaged in the production of photoinitiators. 
New growth initiatives for our global business include the production and marketing of Chloroprene Rubber, Agrochemicals, Vat Dyes and other products. 
As an experienced and reliable global supplier, Chongqing ChangFeng Chemical Co., Ltd has been providing top-quality logistics and transport services to our business partners abroad since 1999. 

  • ISO14001
  • ISO19001
  • ISO45001


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Contact Person:
Ms. Tracy Guo (Phosgene Route Products, Photoinitiator)              Direct line:0086-23-67896516
Mr.Edward Zhang (Synthetic Rubber, Vat Dyes)              Direct line:0086-23-67896392
Ms. Grace Jia (Pesticides&Intermediates, Others)              Direct line:0086-23-67896515
Add: 30th Floor, Longhu Ziduxingzuo Building A, 1st Branch,YuSong Rd., Yubei District, Chongqing, China 
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