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Synonyms: 3- (2,4-dichlorophenyl) -2-oxo-1-oxa spiro [4,5] -dec-3-en-4-yl-2,2-dimethylbutyric acid ester
CAS No.: 148477-71-8
Molecular Formula:   C21H24Cl2O4
Properties:  Spirodiclofen is a chemical substance with white powder appearance and no special smell. The vapor pressure at 20 ℃ is 3 × 10-7Pa. Solubility (substance / 1000ml solvent at 20 ℃): 20 in n-hexane Medium> 250, 47 in isopropanol,> 250 in xylene, 0.05 in water.
Toxicity: Rat acute oral LD50> 2500mg / kg, acute percutaneous LD50> 4000mg / kg; sunfish LC50> 0.0455mg / L, rainbow trout LC50> 0.0351mg / L, daphnia LC50> 100mg / L. For bees LD50> 100μg / bee, for North American quail LD50> 2000mg / kg.
Features: The effective component of spirocarpy is quaternone, and its mechanism of action is to inhibit fat synthesis in harmful mites. The product has a brand-new structure, a unique mechanism of action, has a contact effect, and does not have systemicity. The mite killing spectrum is wide and adaptable, and the eggs are larvae and kills for a long period of time.





It has no cross resistance with existing acaricides, and is suitable for controlling harmful mites that are resistant to existing acaricides. It has a good killing effect on the eggs, young mites and nymphs of harmful mites, but it is not effective on adult mites, but it has the effect of inhibiting the hatching rate of female mites
Package: 25kgs bag.As per customer’s requirements
Storage: Avoid heat, humidity.Sealed and stored in cool, dry conditions.